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Thermotherapy  also known as heat therapy is the application of heat in the treatment and cure of sick and injured and is based on the ability of the body to absorb heat from the environment in case if the heat level of such environment is higher or to release the heat if the body heat is higher than the ambient heat (cryotherapy).
Thermotherapy is performed using paraffin and infrared lamps, while cryotherapy is administered using ice and clay therapy.

Bukovička banja termoterapija
parafin SB


This therapy improves circulation, stimulates the mobility of joints and muscles and relieves pain. Paraffin is simple and comfortable method to achieve good results in therapy. It is used in liquid form with a melting point of about 50C.
After removing paraffin, patients skin is red, moist, warm and elastic. The application of paraffin can be standalone or as an introduction to some of the physical therapy. Indications: degenerative (articular and extra-articular) rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism in remission phase, injury state, light circulation disorders, spasms of smooth and striated muscle and damage to the central and peripheral nervous system.


The clay from our regions, mixed with mineral water, is used in balneotherapy therapeutic purposes in The Special Hospital “Bukovička Spa” Aranđelovac since 1997.


Therapeutic effect of Bukovička clay is based on the chemical interactions of the most important ingredients of clay (aluminum, silicon) and mineral water from Bukovička spa. The most important medicinal properties of clay are based on its structure and the strength of absorption and adsorption (attracts and absorbs harmful compounds), energy power and natural effects to the body. It is administered as warm or cold, depending on the indication, by 1cm thick compressions applied on the treated area.

Bukovička banja
Bukovička banja glina

Indications for clay use are: