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Sports medicine

Sports Medicine infirmary provides sport-medical examination and pre-competition testing of athletes as well as diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
We offers the best care and treatment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels. We focus on injury prevention and provide personalized treatment to ensure that you remain in optimal health as you pursue your favorite activities. Having a sports medicine physician who is readily available in case you are injured, and who knows your history, takes the worry out of your workout.
Our approach to your treatment is multidisciplinary, meaning that when necessary, we work with other specialists to treat you most effectively.
Conditions we treat include:

Sports Medicine Services 

Whether you’re a high school, college or professional athlete, or one of thousands of recreational weekend warriors, you know that staying active is essential to a healthy body and mind.

But when acute injuries or ongoing pain get in the way of the things you enjoy, expert care from a sports medicine physician can help you get back on track and prevent future problems.