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Prestigious certificate of accreditation for a maximum of seven years

The Special hospital for rehabilitation, Bukovicka Banja Arandjelovac, received a great recognition, a certificate of accreditation of health institutions, for a maximum of seven years.

The Special Hospital has fully met all standards at the highest level for performing health activities and is the only Special Hospital in central Serbia that has earned the highest recognition that a health institution can receive, said the representative of the Agency for Accreditation of Health Institutions Vlado Darkovski.

akreditacija zdravstvenih ustanova

Accreditation - realized the first of the strategic plans of the Institution

Accreditation for a maximum of 7 years is extremely important for me as the head of this institution, as well as for the entire team of employees and all those who have participated in this process since February 2019, said Dr. Slobodan Prodanovic, director of the Special Hospital and added that he is aware the significance of this recognition for the manner and work that has been invested so far for the benefit of all patients. This obliges us to work even better in the next period, respecting these standards that we managed to achieve through the accreditation process, said Director Prodanović, who thanked all associates who invested great effort in this important accreditation process for the institution.

We have fulfilled what was, above all, our strategic goal – the accreditation of a health institution. We will continue to improve and advance this level in the coming years, said Dr. Prodanović during the ceremonial handing over of the certificate for accreditation of the health institution.

specijalna bolnica bukovička banja

Dr. Dejan Pavlović, coordinator of the accreditation process, pointed out that by obtaining this certificate for the maximum period of time for which accreditations are issued in Serbia, the set goals have been fulfilled – improvement of health care and patient safety. What is perhaps most important, added Dr. Pavlović, is to create the missing procedures for work and to improve the existing standards and criteria and raise them to a higher level.

specijalna bolnica bukovička banja
sertifikat o akreditaciji zdravstvenih ustanova
specijalna bolnica bukovička banja
specijalna bolnica bukovička banja

By obtaining the accreditation status for seven years, one of the strategic plans of the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation of Bukovicka Banja for the period from 2019 to 2023 has been fulfilled. The Ministry of Health supported the project for the construction of the annex and the expansion of the capacity of the Special Hospital, which will be the next goals along with the reconstruction of the hydrotherapy block, according to the Special Hospital Bukovicka Banja.

specijalna bolnica bukovička banja