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Mechano-therapy is the use of mechanical energy in therapy. The Special Hospital ‘Bukovička banja’ applies following: ultrasound therapy, massage therapy and vakusak.

Ultrasound therapy is applied using a device that converts electrical energy into sound energy, so that we get the high-frequency massage deep in cells and tissues of the treated area.

Biological effect of ultrasound is based on the thermal and chemical effects.
Thermal effect is manifested with gradual temperature increase of the treated body area, while the chemical effect is manifested by the enhanced oxygenation and accelerated tissue metabolism.

Ultrasound achieves deep tissue massage and muscle relaxation.

Bukovička banja
Bukovička banja

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest ways of treatment.

Massage excites skin receptors and subdermal tissue, as a direct or indirect result of mechanical action (influenced by reflex) and performed like that causes the wake of the entire organism.

This means that a massage has a great impact on our health and mood:

it improves and accelerates blood and lymph circulation, improves elasticity and skin regeneration, muscle relaxation, slows and deepens breathing, stimulates digestion and metabolism, accelerates the discharge of harmful elements from body, reduces pain and tension, impacts internal organs.

Vakusak therapy

Vakusak therapy  is applied in peripheral circulation disorders and in the presence of large swelling in the extremities.
This apparatus is the latest model and works by the principle of applying pressure and thrust. Therapy is applied to the upper and the lower extremities (limbs) and its use leads to a reduction of the swelling, improved lymphatic drainage and repairs circulation in the extremities.
Apparatus Vakusak has a wide field of applications ranging from treatments of atherosclerosis, smoker’s foot (Buerger’s disease), diabetic foot, lymphedema, swelling, varicose veins and capillaries , poor circulation, healing of wounds, ulcus cruris (open foot injury), sports injuries, Sudeck’s dystrophy, gout, rheumatism and to obesity and osteoporosis.
The administration of this therapy is painless and pleasant for patients.