Bukovička banja hidroterapija

In Bukovička banja, hydrotherapy is one of the most important therapeutic treatment, which involves the use of mineral water for therapeutic purposes. Numerous research studies confirm that waters from Bukovčka spa have medicinal effects. Mineral water bathing cures: inflammatory, ekstra articular and degenerative rheumatism.

Hydrotherapy  is used for all of our patients, unless they have a contraindication to bathe in mineral water. Hydrotherapy has a beneficial effect on the body by its mechanical, chemical and thermal effect. Mineral water temperature used for bathing is 32 – 34 degrees Celsius.

The mechanical action of hydrotherapy is based on hydrostatic pressure and thrust. Hydrostatic pressure effects on body is to increase lymphatic and venous circulation. Hydrostatic thrust allows easier movement in the water due to the apparent fictional decrease in body weight for the same amount of the overflow fluid. Chemical effects of hydrotherapy consists of absorption of water minerals, which penetrate from water into tissue and which have pharmaco-therapeutic effect on the organism. Thermic effect of hydrotherapy are based on thermal conductivity and good heat water capacity.

Bukovička banja

Hydrotherapy can be applied in the following cases:

Hydrotherapy is performed in the local baths, underwater massage bath, four cell tubs with galvanic current and in the therapy pool with therapeutic underwater massages, ascending baths and pearl bath – Jacuzzi.
A Physiotherapist controls hydrokinesiotherapy as organized exercises in the spa pool.

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