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34300 Aranđelovac

The association of parents of children and young people suffering from diabetes in Serbia “Alarm” presented bicycles to the Special Rehabilitation Hospital “Bukovička banja” for children suffering from diabetes who are treated in this institution, thus pointing out the importance of their physical activity.


President of the “Alarm” Association, Miroslav Stević, enriched the hospital library with new books and school supplies so that the little ones could usefully complete the time they spend in the Children’s Department.

“The goal of all of us is better conditions for children suffering from diabetes, and cooperation with this institution, which represents the first step on the path to treatment, is the right way to move towards achieving that goal,” said Stević, stressing that it is a great honor to cooperate with the Special hospital.

The special rehabilitation hospital ‘Bukovička banja’ in Arandjelovac is the only institution in Serbia specialized in prolonged treatment, education and rehabilitation of children suffering from diabetes.

According to the director of the Special Hospital “Bukovička banja” Dr. Slobodan Prodanović, the number of children with this diagnosis is increasing. Only until November of this year, more newly diagnosed diabetics were registered in this institution than in the whole of last year, and Dr. Prodanović points out how important playing sports, as well as cycling, is for the long and quality life of children who are being treated for diabetes.

“We are extremely pleased with the start of cooperation with the Association “Alarm” and we hope that in the coming period, through cooperation, we will be able to create better conditions for the treatment of children suffering from diabetes with the competent state authorities,” said Dr. Prodanović on that occasion.

Association “Alarm” and hospital “Bukovička banja” agreed to sign an agreement on mutual cooperation, which will include donations, mutual financial support, and announced the next joint actions, the first of which would be on November 14, when the International Day against Diabetes is celebrated.