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Electrotherapy is the application of various forms of electricity to achieve treatment. Releasing electrical current through certain parts of body results with beneficial calming effect on the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves) and skeletal system metabolism. This leads to reduction of pain, increased muscle strength and tissue regeneration.

Electrotherapy creates thermal effect which affects the expansion of blood vessels, reduces pain, influences increased muscle mass and stimulates damaged nerves. Diadynamic currents can achieve significant reductions in swelling. Due to all its healing effects, electrotherapy is a crucial part in the rehabilitation of patients.


The Special Hospital offers application of several different forms of electrotherapy procedures:

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is the application of electromagnetic fields in therapy.
In order to apply magnetic therapy, we use apparatus which is the source of pulsed magnetic waves. Under the influence of the magnetic field, we can see improvement to the blood circulation in the body, elimination of the harmful elements from the cells and increased supply of oxygen in the cells.

Magnetic therapy advantages are: contactless method which does not require clothing removal, a small number of contraindications, it enhances activity of a large number of physical agents and it can also be applied immediately after the injury. The presence of metals is not a contraindication.