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Diabetes in children

Special hospital for rehabilitation «Bukovička banja» in Aranđelovac is the only facility in entire Serbia specialized for extended treatment, education and rehabilitation of children with diabetes.

Department for treatment, education and rehabilitation of children and young adults operates in the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation “Bukovička spa” Aranđelovac since 1989. There is no department of such kind in the region or vicinity. The primary purpose of the Department is to hospitalize children and young adults, with chronic conditions – most commonly with Diabetes mellitus up to 18 years of age. Prolonged treatment includes the continuation and adaptation started during medicated therapy , with proper diet appropriate to the age and length of illness, measured physical activity and implementation procedures of physical therapy and balneotherapy.

Bukovička banja dijabetes
Bukovička banja

Special emphasis of this department is to educate children and their parents.

The purpose of educational program is to familiarize patients and parents with the nature of diabetes, to train parents and children on how to determine proper dosage and method of administration of insulin.
Particular emphasis is placed on the necessity of keeping the diary of self-control, entering observed changes in clinical status and writing down changes that have been noted in blood and urine analysis as well as after administering insulin.
All this leads to satisfactory glycemic control and delaying of occurance of further complications related to the disease.

The Department is serving patients continuously throughout the year.
The treatment team consists of a pediatrician, physical therapist, psychologist, social worker, nutritionist, nurse educators, therapists, if necessary, consultants of various specialties (on case by case needed). It is highly advised to book accomodations ahead of time due to the high summer demands and limited accomodations.

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