Charter of the Association of Spas of Serbia to the Special Hospital Bukovicka Banja

The Association of Spas of Serbia held a ceremonial academy on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its founding and on that occasion presented charters for the development of spa tourism to those who deserved it with their efforts, including the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation "Bukovicka Banja" Arandjelovac.

udruženje banja srbije

The charter was handed over to Dr. Slobodan Prodanović, director of the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation “Bukovicka Banja”, who pointed out that the recognition is a great honor not only for the Special Hospital but also for him as a director who has extremely good cooperation with the Spa Association.

Mr. Veskovic and I have been working together for a long time, he is the man who marked the last period of the Association of Spas and I am especially proud that we organized the “Balkan Spa Summit” in Arandjelovac, said Dr. Prodanovic and added that the Spa Association has always been a partner. Mr. Veskovic very well represented all our problems and what was in the interest of all members of the association, especially Special Hospitals, with other organizations and institutions of the system. I am very happy that we continue in that direction, that the Association will continue to be someone who will follow us and that we will be able to rely on each other, concluded Dr. Slobodan Prodanović, director of the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation “Bukovicka Banja” Arandjelovac.

At the ceremonial academy at the Belgrade Fair, a bilingual monograph entitled “The First 50 Years” was presented, in which, according to Vladan Veskovic, longtime secretary of the Association, all material related to the founding of the Association, its beginnings, growth and development, plans, vision … Desires and accomplishments. That is why, he says, the book exudes history, tradition, enthusiasm, ambition, pride and love for the work that everyone in spas and for spas does.

specijalna bolnica bukovička banja