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From September 1, outpatient treatments in the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation Bukovicka Banja will be carried out without a waiting list.
Namely, all patients in the Special Hospital can immediately, after a doctor’s examination and prescribed therapy, start outpatient treatment.

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The Agency for Accreditation of Health Institutions of Serbia has formed a team for external evaluation of the quality of work of the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation Bukovicka Banja Arandjelovac, which will visit our institution in the period from October 11 to 14, 2020.
The director of the Special Hospital Bukovicka Banja, Dr. Slobodan Prodanovic, expressed the expectation that the institution will meet all standards and thus receive accreditation for seven years, which is the longest possible legal period for which a health institution in Serbia can be accredited.
Accreditation is an instrument that builds trust in competence based on the requirements of international standards.

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The tests are important, because they can alert you to problems with your bones before you have a fracture.


As people age, they often lose bone more quickly than they can replace it, so their bones can become porous and brittle. If left unchecked, this bone loss can lead to a disorder called osteoporosis, defined as reduced bone mass and poor bone quality. The disorder makes bones weak and prone to fracture. People who have osteoporosis have bones that can break with even the mildest impact.

Fractures of the spine and hip can lead to chronic pain, deformity, depression, disability, and even death. Plus, half the people who break a hip never regain the ability to walk without assistance, and a quarter need long term care.

The problem is that osteoporosis does not cause any symptoms, so people do not usually know they have the condition until they break a bone unexpectedly. That’s where bone density tests come in.

Bone density tests measure how strong the bones are. Health care providers use these tests to both screen for and diagnose osteoporosis. The tests are important, because they can alert you to problems with your bones before you have a fracture.

The Special hospital for rehabilitation “Bukovicka Banja” in Arandjelovac has a modern diagnostic DEXA device, the gold standard for accurate measurement of bone density, especially in osteoporosis.

It is a commercial diagnostic procedure, which includes a specialist examination by a rheumatologist and a description of the results with recommendations related to drug therapy. The price is 2000 dinars, and examinations can be reserved on the phone numbers 725-250 and 725-251. The area code for Arandjelovac is 034.

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The medical portal on the front page paid attention to the Second Serbian Congress on Diabetes in Children, organized by the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation of Bukovicka Banja on the occasion of 30 years of the Department for Continuous Treatment, Education and Rehabilitation of Children and Youth.

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