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Rehabilitation  is the main activity of our institution. It represents the process of bringing people to their maximum or optimal physical, physiological and psychosocial capabilities.

dijabetes kod dece

Diabetes In Children

Special hospital for rehabilitation «Bukovička banja» in Aranđelovac is the only facility in entire Serbia specialized for extended treatment, education and rehabilitation of children with diabetes.

pregledi sportista

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine infirmary provides sport-medical examination and pre-competition testing of athletes as well as diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Welcome Specialized Hospital Bukovicka Spa Aranđelovac


Dr Slobodan Prodanović

Royal Spa

Bukovička banja is balneoklimatic wellness spa resort, where the direct and indirect effects of vegetation, water and air create a unique environment conducive to rest, extended stay and relaxation and provides an excellent field for all forms of recreation and sports training.
This specialized hospital for treatment and rehabilitation, uses mineral water and clay for its treatments.


The expert jury announced the results of the conceptual solution


Our mission is to safeguard human health, to provide access to timely, high quality patient-centered health care.
Special hospital for rehabilitation “Bukovička banja”, provides preventive, curative, diagnostic and therapeutic health services.
Healthcare accessible, comprehensive, continuous, safe healthcare with the promotion of humane relationships, respect for ethical principles and the achievement of a high degree of satisfaction for our patients, thanks to the professional, skilled and professional employees who apply modern medical technology, with the aim of maintaining and promoting health.
Our commitment is to provide quality healthcare to all users of services professionally and efficiently.


Our vision is to provide a unique and comprehensive healthcare service. To enable comprehensiveness in the diagnosis, treatment and therapy of patients and significantly improve their health status. We strive to reach the recommended standards in work, multidisciplinary approach to treatment, effective teamwork, creating a sense of security for patients and employees.
Building a modern, efficient, accredited healthcare facility and providing the highest standards of health care by quality and recognized professionals.
We will fulfill the needs and requirements of the modern user by applying the modern achievements of medical science because health is a basic human, family and national resource in achieving life with full potential.



bazen bukovička banja


It is applied to all our patients, if they do not have any of the contraindications for bathing in mineral water.

terapija elektroterapija


Magnetotherapy is the use of electromagnetic field energy in therapy.

rehabilitacija specijalna bolnica


The application of movement as the most important stimulus for the rehabilitation process is extremely important.

glina resize 1


The application of heat in the treatment and rehabilitation of the sick and injured is based on the ability of the organism to receive heat from the environment

terapija mehanoterapija


In the Special Hospital “Bukovička banja” the following are applied: ultrasound therapy, massage and vacuum therapy.

limfna drenaza 1

Lymph drainage

The general goal of SLER therapy is to reduce swelling, by mobilizing congested interstitial fluid, reducing the proliferation of connective and fatty tissue, controlling symptoms and minimizing the consequences.

terapija akupunkturom


This method of treatment was recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an official method in 1979 and recommended more than 50 diseases for treatment with this method.



How to get stationary rehabilitation on referral

The decision on referral to inpatient rehabilitation is always made by the branch of the Republic Health Insurance Fund (RFZO) – “SOCIAL”, in your place.


Special Hospital Bukovicka Banja  is one of the 6 Institutions in the Republic of Serbia that performs extended inpatient rehabilitation of children and youth.


How can children and youth who have diabetes receive inpatient rehabilitation according to the instructions of the Republic Health Insurance Fund?

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bukovička banja
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Our Team

dr slobodan prodanović
Dr. Slobodan Prodanović
Specialist of Sports Medicine
doktori tim
Dr. Sandra Mitić
Specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
doktori tim
Dr. Miljan Bakić
Specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
doktori tim
Dr. Dejan Pavlović
Specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rheumatology Subspecialist
marija ljujić
Dr. Marija Ljujić
Specialist of Paediatric Medicine
doktori tim
Dr. Jasmina Paunović
Specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
doktori tim
Dr. Marina Radosavljević
Specialist of Paediatric Medicine
doktori tim
Dr. Jasmina Stepković
Specialist of Paediatric Medicine
doktori tim
Dr. Ivana Živadinović
Specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Dr. Jelena Mrlješ
General Practitioner


Appointment Office
+ (381) 34 725 250

Adult booking department
(381) 34/619-5716, (381) 69/720-570

Children’s reservation department
+(381) 34/619-5722, + (381) 69/720-830

+ (381) 34 711 325+ (381) 34 724 186


Mišarska 1, 34300 Aranđelovac


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Monday - Friday
7.00 - 20.00
7.00 - 14.30
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for a maximum period of 7 years for the Special Hospital Bukovicka Banja